Everyone talks about how excited they are for being pregnant, how in love they are with their unborn baby, unfortunately this was not my experience.

When I had my daughter, I suffered from postpartum depression, this period in my life was incredibly difficult. After seeking help, I can finally say that I’m in a much better place and all thanks to a therapy group.

I want to share my experience to all new moms so that they don’t suffer as much as I did or to be that voice that says “You are not alone”.

You will find me write about my life before I had my child, how my culture has impacted my decisions and maybe some humor/fun content. I will NOT suggest how you should take care of your child, I find it that everywhere you may go there is always someone who would like to give you unsolicited advice on how to raise your child.

This is a place of serenity and I’m just expressing the true feelings of a new mom.

– Sandra