Unfortunate Call

It was Sunday morning at around 9am when I received a call from my dad and I remember thinking, “Why is he calling me this early?”. I declined the call because I didn’t want him to wake up the baby and instead I texted him “What’s going on?”

He wrote: Your grandfather passed away, can you take your mom to the airport?

I immediately got out of bed, got dressed, hugged Jesse and left to be with my family.

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My grandfather was not a good man, he inflicted so much pain towards my family to the point that my mother suffered from high blood pressure at a very young age. He got in between my parents marriage and was incredibly materialistic. He told me that investing money on my education would be a waste  because I’m a girl and I would just get married and never get use out of it. We shared a business and instead of treating my parents like business partners he stoled money from them. The list goes on and on.

I resented him for the longest but over time I realize it couldn’t hold on to that grudge any longer, its as if I was poisoning myself with it. So instead I forgave him and moved on. I limited my interaction with him for the past 10 years and on occasions, my mom would give me a few updates here and there. I don’t regret this decision because I knew the man he was and I wanted to keep my life as peaceful as possible.

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As I was driving to my mom’s house, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. He never mended the relationships he broke and never truly said he was sorry for the pain that he caused.

Once I got to my parent’s house, my mom was a mess, she was shaking and even though she was prepared for this moment, she was in shocked. My brother and I got her a few things from the pharmacy and I took care of any upcoming bills so that she didn’t have to worry about it while she was away.

As the day went by I couldn’t help but think about my baby girl. I want her to have a relationship with her grandparents, I want her to get along with all of her cousins, I want her to be close to her dad and know that she can always count on us. I don’t want her to have the same experience as I did.

We got to the airport at 4pm, I checked in her bags and stayed until she passed TSA. Mom wave at me to let me know she was good and as I was heading back to my car I felt great sadness and wish I was on that plane with her.

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