Communication is Key

Being able to communicate with your partner seems to be easier said than done. How many times have my fights been the source of not speaking clearly with Jesse? or Assuming rather than asking?

There have been situations where my emotions get the best of me and doesn’t allow me to see clearly.

When I say “can you please feed the baby her cereal” and you say “why don’t you do it?” This hurts my feelings and I’m under the impression that you don’t want to help me and this tends to be the beginning of the downward spiral of negative thoughts. But when my spouse says that, it’s his code of “I don’t how much to give her and I’m too embarrassed to ask” or “ Why are you taking that tone with me and boss me around?”

Why is it too hard to communicate or say how we feel?
Is it our upbringing?

As women in the Mexican culture, we are taught to not talk about our emotions but instead to “carry the cross we were given”. Believe me, I hate it when my aunts say this to me, but I am the complete opposite. I’m a person who over communicates and it frustrates me that my partner decides to keep things to himself.

Thankfully! After almost 2 years of living with each other, we are understanding each other, he is letting me know that he needs guy time. I’m letting him know that I need his help changing the diaper without a giving him attitude.

Its the little things in life!

Have you experienced miscommunication with your partner? share your story in the comment section.

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