I’m Pregnant?

I always envision having kids in my mid-thirties, married and debt free. I didn’t think it would happen this soon.

I went on a trip to México with my family and Jesse. We had a great time and the food was amazing! However, I noticed that I was feeling full and never really hungry.

Before heading back to Houston, I noticed that my period was late but I wasn’t too worried since it happens once in a while. Well, a few days went by and obviously, I began to panic.

I took a pregnancy test at my job, I just had to make sure everything was ok. When I got the results, for a second I saw one red line and I instantly felt relief, but after looking at it closely I could see a very faded second line (picture below). I freaked out because I didn’t understand what the stick was telling me so I pulled a coworker to the bathroom to show her, she looked at me and said “Congratulations?”.

For a second I felt happy that I was having a child with the man I love and at the same time realized how much my life was about to change. One thing that really hit hard was how am I going to tell my parents. It was hard feeling that I have let my parents down, they raised me in a traditional home and I wanted to follow their example. This is what hurt me the most.

WhenI told my mom she was in shock and cried with me. I couldn’t tell my dad, I was too much of a chicken so my mom told him. I already saw my mom’s disappointed expression and I didn’t want to see my dad’s either. Mom was ok telling my dad but she told me I had to tell him and explain what my “plan” was. Are you moving in with Jesse? Are you getting married? Etc.

How did Jesse take it? He laughed…. I think he was nervous and when he saw me crying he wanted to be supportive in his own way, said: “ We are older, we finished college, we have a job, we are independent people, it will be fine”.

Yes, we are fine! Natalia was a surprise but an amazing blessing.

How did you find out you were pregnant? Share in the comments 🙂

Sandra Cruz



2 thoughts on “I’m Pregnant?

  1. Rosie

    I really like how you are doing this blog and reading your story really makes me feel better about mine. I was not expecting to get a positive when I took my pregnancy test so it was a complete shock to me. I had gone to the pool with my in laws and my husbands little brothers and sisters wanted me to go in but I felt cramps and wasn’t sure if I would need a tampon before going in so I didn’t go in. I told my sister in law that I was cramping and that my period was due but all I had was cramps for about 2 days. She thought it would be a good time to tell me that she had a dream that either I was pregnant or her sister was. I laughed because I knew her sister actually was pregnant and she didn’t know yet so I told her that I couldn’t be me but just for fun we were at the dollar store and I bought a $1 test. Sure enough we got back to my in laws house and there I was alone in their bathroom staring at two clear lines. I had no idea how to feel. I couldn’t tell anyone anything because of course I couldn’t trust this cheap test but I told my sister in law and she calmed me down. The best part of all of this was that it happens the day before Father’s Day. So Sunday morning I went to Walmart and bought a “Real” test and I got a big blue plus sign. I didn’t know how to feel I was happy and scared at the same time. But now I had a Father’s Day gift for my husband. I told him in front of his parents and they were overjoyed and happy that their eldest son was going to be a father, but I knew my parents were not going to be as excited. When I told my mom she cried and not happy tears, she asked me why I let it happen and she looked disappointed, I wanted to feel bad for letting her down but I did not think that our little miracle was a bad thing and I didn’t want to let her make me feel bad about it. Then it was time to tell my father and I thought maybe a cake would make things easier. So my husband and I went to the store and bought a cake that said “Felicidades Abuelos!” When we got to my parents I got a judgy look from my mom as she asked me if I was going to tell my dad and I told her yes and we brought out the cake. My dad seemed to take it much better than my mom did and he joked that he was too young to be a grandpa but he was happy for us. I think it was mainly the shock of it all being unexpected that made everyone unsure about this pregnancy because now that we are 5 months in my mother is overjoyed and talks to my belly constantly. I think time and acceptance is all we really need.


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