Things I wish I knew Post Pregnancy

When I was pregnant last year, I was that person that went to the bookstore and looked for those “what to expect when expecting” books; I just wish someone had told me what happens when you are done expecting. What is happening to my body? What’s with all of these hospital bills? When is it ok for me to exercise or be intimate again with my partner?

This is what I wish I knew:

  1. Breast pump is free thru your insurance.

Most insurance companies will provide you a certain timeline of when you are able to order your breast pump and the best thing of all its free. When I called they gave me a list of a few companies to choose my pump from. This process was very fast and I was very surprised that I received my package that same week.

  1. Vaginal Discharge

Oh yes! You read that right. After giving birth I was aware that I would continue to bleed for the next couple of weeks. However, when I was done, a lingering smell came about. All I’m going to say thank GOD for Summer’s Eve.

  1. Hospital Billing

I was not educated when it came to hospital billing but now I know that not only should I pay my OBGYN and my hospital bill I would also pay the pediatrician and Natalia’s hospital bill as well. After I thought I had these payments covered, I received a bill from the anesthesiologist which hurt my pocket but let me just say it was worth it. Labor pains are absolutely the worse and when I was at the hospital I was pleading for the epidural.

However! I did get a bill from the Hearing Company; my insurance only covered a third of the bill due to them being a 3rd party. I recommend you ask your hospital and your insurance about these things because this is how some companies make money while you are at your most vulnerable.

  1. Posture

Once having Natalia I noticed that my posture was getting worse. Jesse and my mom would consistently ask me to sit up straight and honestly like a new mom you are starting to get used to breastfeeding, picking up things from the floor, running after the baby, giving them a bath, etc. Pilates was my answer here, there are some exercises available on YouTube if you are interested.

  1. Bladder

When your husband is making you laugh and crossing your legs isn’t enough its embarrassing. Not being able to control my flow and for the first couple of months were hard, I had to constantly wear pads or change underwear. Once I felt comfortable, I was able to do my kegel exercises and it’s now easier to laugh. The sneezing I still need to get used too.

What about you? What was something you wanted to know before you got pregnant? Leave a comment ☺

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2 thoughts on “Things I wish I knew Post Pregnancy

  1. Yeni

    First of all I want to congratulate you on sharing your story. Postpartum depression is an extremely delicate topic to talk about, and the majority of the time people choose not to do something about it because they are fearful of what the rest of the population would say. Now some things that I wish I knew before birth was that the sleepless nights last longer than just a few weeks. and that as you try to get back into the routine that you want is seems like is always impossible. Adjusting to not being able to just get up and go every time gets tricky. Now I have to make sure I have the diaper bag ready to go.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Yeni! It’s not easy to share since I feel very vulnerable but. I hope this space makes mom feel like they are not alone.

      Keeping the diaper bag organized is challenging. I might have to invest on a new diaper bag.


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