Where to begin…

It’s the Sunday before Labor Day and it’s actually not as hot as I thought it would be, considering that this is Texas. We spent the day at my in-law’s house, they live out in the country where everything is very green, chickens are chasing after you and where the goat just stares at you fiercely and walks away. The cows, however, didn’t make an appearance… that was disappointing.

After we were done with lunch I put my daughter Natalia down for a nap and out of nowhere, I started reminiscing about the days when she was only a few weeks old. Currently, she is about 8 months old and typically she’s a calm and happy baby but believe me, she wasn’t always like this.

Around 3 weeks Natalia suffered from colics and for every parent that has gone thru this knows how hard it can be. Natalia cried for hours, one night she cried for 4 hrs. straight, I was in despair, worn out and had no sleep. Those nights were the hardest for Jesse (my fella) and me. When I heard that high pitch cry, I would start crying. My heart would just break seeing her in such pain; I would carry her with a broken heart because I knew I couldn’t help her. We followed a few suggestions from our pediatrician but what really helped her were the probiotic drops. Those drops were a GODSEND because my child was finally going to bed with no pain. The colics phase lasted until she was 3 months; I don’t know what I would have done without Jesse or the support of my family, especially my mom.

My emotions at that time seemed to be all over the place. Almost every time Natalia cried I would cry it was very frustrating because I was not the person to behave this way. I was always the strong one, the one that “holds those emotions in”. I’ve gotten better in keeping my composure for the sake of my baby.

What has been your toughest moment as a parent? I welcome you to share, until next time.


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